The Social Points Bot is a Windows desktop program that generates over a thousand points per hour on your AddMeFast account.

Most functions on the AddMeFast website are automated. These services include likes, subscribes and follows for Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Reverbnation and Vkontakte.

Enter any valid Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Reverbnation and/or Vkontakte accounts and click start.

Youtube views, website hits and Sound Cloud views do not require accounts to earn points.

Add multiple accounts and services

Add as many accounts and services as you like. The more account types you setup, the more points you will earn.

Multiple accounts significantly reduces the chance of decreased point generation due to the suspension of any individual account.

Having more than one of each account type, such as further increases the reliability of your point earnings. The bot will cycle through all accounts, distributing the load of requests.


Account details are encrypted and stored locally on your computer. Your accounts are never sent to our server or shared with a third party and are only used to earn points on AddMeFast.

Decrypts security captchas

AddMeFast security captchas are seamlessly decrypted as the bot runs. This means that you can continue to earn points while you are busy adding value to other areas of your business.


Multi-threading allows the bot to utilise multiple CPUs, earning points 3x faster than simple browser based scripts.

Value For Money

AddMeFast charges ridiculous fees for small amounts of points that are not nearly enough to seriously boost your social presence.

The cheapest AddMeFast package is $10 for 1500 points.

We have seen our users generate 30,000 points in a day. This is equivalent to $200 worth of points on AddMeFast. As you can see, the cost of one months subscription can easily be earned back in less than two hours of running this bot.

Our service offers great business value at a very reasonable price and we are continually developing to handle changes and updates on AddMeFast.

Future development includes the automation of other sites such as YouLikeHits.

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